BELGRADE – half day walking tour


Day 1: New Belgrade – old Belgrade  - Republika Square – Kalemegdan Fort  



Detailed Itinerary


2004_0807Image0015Enjoy today a city tour of Belgrade, capital of Serbia since 1403, when Despot Stefan, son of Prince Lazar, moved his palace here.  We will start our day by driving through the streets of Belgrade. First we will see New Belgrade on the left bank of the River Sava, with both Communist-styles as well as very modern apartment blocks. From here we continue to Zemun, which was once a separate town but now is a part of greater Belgrade. Here we will enjoy the old Gardos Tower and then we will return to the old part of the town by passing through the luxurious residential area of Dedinje. We will stop to pay a visit to the Memorial Complex of Josip Broz Tito, the legendary president of Former Yugoslavia. On our way to the center of the city we will see the new St. Sava Church. This is the third largest Orthodox Church in Europe, built at the place where in 1594 Sinnan Pasha had the holy relics of St. Sava burned at the stake. We will see the Federal Assembly Building of Former Yugoslavia, the Church of St. Marko, Royal Palaces of the Serbian dynasties until WWII, and the main square named Terazije.
In the afternoon we will continue our tour by walking from the elegant Republic Square, where we will make a close inspection of its architectonic monuments such as the National Theatre and the National Museum. We will stroll along unavoidable Knez Mihajlova Street – the main shopping and meeting place, in order to see a few other masterpieces of Belgrade's architecture, such as the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. We will then visit the oldest quarters of the 19th century, including the 'Question mark sign' Inn, Princess Ljubica's Residence (now housing a permanent exhibition of original furniture), as well as the Patriarchy and the Orthodox Cathedral.
Walking through the streets of the old part of town we will arrive to the fortress of Kalemegdan, which is the symbol of Belgrade, situated where the mouth of River Sava flows into the Danube. Our visit to the fort will start with the Upper fortress area. It includes well-preserved artillery structures dating from the mid-18th century, as well as a medieval fortification - an acropolis with original or partly reconstructed ramparts, gateways, towers and the excavated ruins of a 15th century castle. A few Turkish monuments and some ancient Roman remains also lie in this area. In this section of the fortification complex we will see the elegant 18th century Baroque Clock Tower and the Roman Well. Our tour of the Eastern Ward includes the Rose Church of Our Lady, along with a panoramic view of the Lower fortress and its monuments - the Nebojsa Tower, the Baroque Gate of Karl VI, and the remains of the medieval metropolitan palace.


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